How to verify total dividend earned in Nippon India Liquid Bees

For FY 2021-22, there are lots of transaction involved in liquid bees. Now for filling ITR, I want to calculate dividend earned from liquid bees.

I first checked Income tax AIS statement and 26AS where total dividend for liquid bees is 1103.
Now, I checked my holding statement and as of 31 March 2022, the holding quantity of liquid bees is 75.936.

So, the fractional part is .936 which is the accumulation of overall dividend credited in FY 2021-22. I want to know how its value is coming as Rs 1102 in form 26AS, as far I know it should be Rs 936 (.936*1000)

Please help me in understanding this, am I missing something ?
@rupeshmandal @Quicko

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@sk2257682 I think that is because of the TDS that Nippon cuts, it’s like around 10 percent. Do check your form 26AS under PART A – Details of Tax Deducted at Source, you should find NIPPON INDIA MUTUAL FUND. Section 194K would be applicable. It will show total amount given to you and the amount of TDS cut

Yes, that is coming, but I want to know how we can verify form 26AS amount for liquid bees. Is there any statement to cross verify that number ?