How to view multiple charts in Pi

Is it possible to view multiple charts for different symbols in Pi in one pane? even windows tiling or placing one below the other should be ok.

Eg - it would be great to see Nifty index chart as well as for any nifty stock to see comparative movements.

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Open a chart in pi, then go to View, click on popout active window, do the same for next chart, then you can arrange the charts as per your liking.

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Thanks. Now, i need to save these settings where i open 2 charts side by side. I tried with save workspace as well as save chart as template but it doesn’t save.

Go to View-- User Settings–Marketwatch-- click on "save charts in workspace/exit’, you may also want to click on 'MarketWatch save confirmation on exit. You will have to popout these charts again.
I haven’t used Pi for a while now so don’t know if currently this works or not.

P.S. If some of the charts come up blank, close these charts and load your workspace again.

But how can we compare charts of two or more scrips in Pi like we can do on Kite?

Hi, Feature to compare multiple scrips on the same chart is not yet available on the Pi Trading terminal.
With updates rolling out regularly, you can expect to see this introduced soon on Pi.