How will I be notified if an alert is triggered?


You will receive a message on Kite and an email.

We will soon have these alerts also delivered as push notifications on your mobile, even if you are not logged into the app.

If you not trading with Zerodha, we will soon have browser push notifications.

You can also keep track all your triggered alerts in the history tab.

You can click on the details icon to know more about the triggered alert


It’s fair if it sent triggers on more complex atributes to registered mobile number & email, if it at extra cost.


Alerts will be sent regardless of if they are basic or advanced. Currently they are sent on Kite and on an email. We’ll soon enable mobile alerts.


_How to do Triggeres notifications on off in Androide mobile app. _


Mobile notifications are not yet live. They will be soon.

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mobile notification started or not ?


Kindly start sending trigger notifications on mobile app Kite and by SMS. For people who are trading on mobile app, they stand at disadvantage. Thanks.


We are working on it Gurpreet.


Rohit, we don’t intend to offer alerts through SMS given the deliverability issues but we are working on mobile alerts.



Is the push notification done for mobile?