How will the brokerage will be calculated?

I’m new to trading. I need help with this:
I was holding 2 shares of Company X. I bought it few days ago (more than 3) at price 848 CNC and today sold both at price 1014.35 . And later in the same day as selling them, i bought them back at 995 as CNC. I want to calculate the Zerodha brokerage for the same.

Since you sold and bought shares back on the same day, this will be counted as Intraday trade and you will be charged accordingly. You can it check yourself on Brokerage Calculator.

Hey @ShubhS9, how come the net P/L is 54.68?

According to me the P/L w/o brokerage is 38.70. And in the brokerage calculator, if i keep buy price as 995 and sell price as 1014.35 for 2 share on NSE, it shows brokerage as 2.58 and net P/L as 36.12.

Btw, thanks for replying.

My bad, I might’ve entered quantity of shares as 3 instead of 2. In that case Brokerage will be 2.58 and Net P/L 36.12. Sorry for mix-up.

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