How will we receive the funds when we sell the MF's on Coin?



I had purchases some Kotak Select mutual funds on coin, however due to some requirement, I had to redeem them.

Kindly let me know how will i receive the funds out of sale of such mutual funds? I
a) Into Zerodha equity balance
b) By direct transfer to bank account
c) By Cheque

Request to let me know at the earliest.

Kanishk Jain


The funds will be credited to your trading account.


Thanks Bhuvanesh for the quick reply.

By when can I expect the funds credited ?


It differs according to each mutual fund. The settlement period will be shown in the redemption window, check this.


Recently i also redeemed some units & 4 days back, i received SMS that cheque as been dispatched.

I am yet to receive it. Please let me know how did you receive money?