How you trade when there is very big news on some companies

I have heard that people make very big profit or big loss this type of trading sessions.

Can you suggest some safe strategies so that minimum loss can be done.

I have heard” being the operative words. Hope you understand what I mean.

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On Friday, 18 August 2017 When Mr.Vishal Sikka resigned as MD and CEO of INFOSYS.

I shorted Infy Immediately after the News.

Continue 2 days I shorted Infy at Opening on Monday & Tuesday.

Unfortunately, He resigned on Friday and The two days holiday Saved Infy from more downtrend :joy:

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I have seen stocks rallying up like crazy immediately after declaration of BAD RESULTS.

I have seen stocks crashing n falling immediately after declaration of very GOOD RESULTS.

I have seen many traders loosing big money in a matter of seconds to couple of minutes.

I have seen some stocks falling BAD after negative news.

I have seen some stocks not falling even after some bad news.

I would say, STAY AWAY! Or u never know when markets slaps anyone tightly.


Hahahahaha :joy::joy::joy:

Shorted SBIN on Q1 2017 Results Due to Bad NPA Stock Fell . Bang On Booked Good Profit.

Bought SBIN on Q2 2017 Results Due to Not very Bad NPA Stock Moved Up. Bang On Booked Good Profit.


for me
best news reporter
best news channel
best newspaper
is my system, if it allows i trade, else never



What is your favorite news channels
News paper

[quote=“vijender88, post:7, topic:29470”]
is my system

I’m not an expert but from my limited knowledge in this I say that when we get some very big good or bad news we can enter a trade only if the news came during the market hours bcoz otherwise the money eaters will have already eaten all the money causing gapup or gapdown leaving peanuts or not even that for us.
Secondly we should see how big is the news. Will that really impact?
Thirdly, we should see if the price is already adjusted as per the news.

I’ve waited for such big news but unfortunately when I was free i didn’t get such news and when i was completely offline and disconnected there were lot like that, making me repent, etc.
Vishal sikka, the rocket man - US retard combo, etc. :slight_smile:

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