How zerodha helps in reverting or minimizing losses incurred because of technical issues at Zerodha

@nithin How one should secure himself or how zerodha helps in reverting or minimizing losses incurred because of technical issues at Zerodha suppose if someone is trading with 10 or 20 lots in banknifty without applying stoploss on charts. Of course Every professional trader keeps a stop loss ,but Some traders prefer to keep stoploss in their mind and exit the trade as price reach that level . This query is raised regarding the issues faced as on yesterday 08-03-2018 .

Hey yesterday’s issue was about historical charts not getting plotted from 10 am onwards for a couple of hours. There was no issues in terms of placing orders. If you had left the chart open, it would have historical data on it. Yesterday we got some bad ticks (the kinds we had never seen) that brought our historical database to a halt. Unfortunately nothing much we can do at times like these. We focus on keeping everything up all the time, but at our scale sometimes small issues can become big. If charts are extremely important, maybe you could have looked at the charts on the NSE website until it came up.

No…no nithin this is not the way ,u should reply…if we should have used NSE charts,then what’s the point in using your services,we would have used other options too… mistakes happens…but please don’t blame others for it…

@nithin Yes one can check the charts at TradingVeiw as well. But the dash board at kite was showing zero balance in my both accounts. I can understand the scale of your bussiness and hardwork you people put in. But nowadays we have been facing different problems through kites ragarding order placement as well. as many other traders have brought it to your notice before. Considering the scale of your bussiness i am not blaming you, just wanted to know if there is any mechanism in place to help the trapped traders get out of the trade with minimum losses.

This must be an account specific issue. Nothing regarding balance happened yesterday. Can you create a ticket for this