How Zerodha is more beneficial over RKSV

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I am personally happy with zerodha.


i guess they offer unlimited trading schemes, beneficial for high frequency traders. don’t see any other major difference between the two.

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My two cents on why Zerodha is better:

  1. Zerodha has lower transaction charges for options, 0.053% and 0.059% for RKSV. This can add up, when you trade.

  2. Zerodha has 60 day challenge, if we stay profitable, you get the complete brokerage refund.

  3. Q, Quant and Pi, 100 times better reporting/backoffice tool. Also Pi the way it is looking will probably be 100 times better than NEST that RKSV offers.

  4. Zerodha has a lot more tools, check out their technology page.

  5. Zerodha has been in business for longer, and makes more profit. The link that aastro has posted captures all of it.