HPCL EX BONUS - Holding only 1 share in portfolio

I am holding only 1 HPCL Share. Will i get bonus share.? If so what is the calculation.

HPCL is ex-bonus today in the ratio 1:2, i.e. 1 bonus share for every 2 shares held in Demat

You are entitled for half a bonus share but since half a share cannot be credited to the Demat account, an amount equivalent to half a bonus share will be directly credited to your bank account by the RTA(Registrar and Transfer Agent) managing HPCL’s bonus issue.
All bonus shares in fractional units will be sold in the market on a decided date and the amount will be credited to your account based on this selling price.

Normally how many days it takes for the share credit to the account?
I had 2 shares of MOTHERSUMI ex bonus.

Also, will the stock split and bonus shares etc. get automatically reflect in Holdings and how does the average price and P&L are adjusted in this case?


It can take upto 2 weeks for the bonus shares to be credited into your Demat. This time taken will depend on the RTA managing the bonus issue.

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Yes, split shares and bonus shares automatically reflect in holdings.

Avg price for a split depends on the split ratio. If it is a 1:1 split then the Avg price of your holding is reduced by half and the quantity is doubled. Your P&L after split shares are credited will remain the same.

Avg price for a bonus depends on the bonus ratio. If it is a 1:1 bonus then the Avg price of your holding is reduced by half and you receive additional bonus shares at Rs.0. The bonus shares can take upto 2 weeks to be credited to your Demat account. Until the bonus shares are credited, your P&L will show an artificial drop of approximately 50% in this case. Once the bonus shares at Rs.0 are updated in your account, the P&L will be restored to its correct value.
Steps on how to add bonus share price in Q.

I have few HPCL shares which i bought on Friday ,They are still not in demat .what process needs to be followed now ?


You are eligible for bonus since you’ve bought your HPCL shares before the ex-date(11th Julty). The shares will reach your Demat by today EOD. Your bonus shares will be credited to your Demat by the RTA when they carry out this process. This could take upto 2 weeks for the bonus shares to credit.

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Thank you Bharat .

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