HPCL Stock * star mark

why is there a star mark next to HINDPETRO* stock symbol?
does it mean anything


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The asterisks symbol is added to stocks that are undergoing an open-market buyback. The * symbol is only added on BSE and the scrip name on NSE remains unchanged.

Although when you sell your holdings in the company you will not know who is purchasing at the other end, you can check the BSE scrip for the asterisks symbol to know if an open-market buyback is ongoing.
If you want to know more about buyback Click here > How do I participate in an Open Market Buyback? How is it different from a normal buyback? (zerodha.com)

The asterisk symbol is added by BSE when there is Open Market Buyback going on, as HPCL too is doing Open Market Buyback, you are seeing the ‘*’ alongside the symbol. You can learn more on this here.

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Thank you