according to jiten msmd, ,thats me off course, full extreme details explainaton (not even available in any trading tips provider channel)

In my personal opinion ,i have been practicing trading in demo mt4 from last 2 year contionously with averege of 10 hour per day ,i dont have job yet so lots of free time was availabe for testing and practicing ,

,now lets start ,best option for profitable trading is currency ( (because almost no chances of manupulation ,even when the tsunami was hit to japan their currency jpy fall only 3% but in case of stocks eg.pnb its fall to 15% in 2 days and still continues ) )
after currency try mcx its 10 hour trading hour will give you best practice time in evening for office job holders ,

at last try stocks ,any negative news and stock fall to 20%-50% ,thats why broker gives very low levervage exposer in stocks and high almost 100x times leverage in currency,some forex broker will give you 1000 x times leverage in BO/co, dont do paper trade ,do mt4 demo trade 1st ,download mt4 in google ,type best demo forex broker in google ,practice 1st demo,

previous days at morning ,one of our friend posted 4 lakh loss is stocks ,look 1st Learn then Earn,no one gona teach you in schooll colleages youtube ,the will post random video ,blah blahblha

,look 1st Learn then Earn,thank you