Hudco IPO allotted - When can i sell it?

I got hudco ipo shares and it is displayed in my holdings (200 shares) but the average cost is showing as N/A. I am unable to sell it now as my order to sell are rejected? what is it that I am missing here?

Type of order?
Time order placed?

Press Crtl +Shift +R. And than try to sell it from market watch and not from holdings.

i called zerodha customer support number. Got to know the reason that the script code is wrong in holdings section, which made by order to get rejected.
I presses CTrl+Shift+R and then sold it from holdings page. It worked.

But I want to know why incorrect scrip code is retrieved in holdings page. Honestly speaking it costed me 4% of my profit.

Request zerodha to fix this issue as soon as possible.