Huge improvements

After a series of crashes i think Zerodha has put in huge efforts to bring the system back on track. Good work team !!. appreciate it.
The new version of charts are also great.
I would request the following 2 features if Nithin is viewing this post…

  1. Bracket order splitting orders is really annoying. I understand that zerodha has done this to generate brokerage but i would request zerodha not to atleast split orders but rather directly charge little more brokerage so that lot of clients can start using this excellent feature.

  2. Buy/sell from within chart in Kite. This is there in Pi & really useful.

  3. If you save views in Kite chart in chrome & try to open in another browser / incognito chrome it doesn’t show up. So looks like you are saving on browsers-side and not on the server. Pls try to fix.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @durgeshh

This is regarding your first point.You misunderstood the order Splitting. Its not actually order splitting to generate brokerage and Zerodha is not intentionally doing for brokerage.

The Bo system works like that only.Its reduces risk for clients as well as broker in such high leveraged product.

Please refer this discussion

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