I am an active trader at a Bank brokerage, why should I choose Zerodha?

I trade with a Bank brokerage actively. I trade mostly on intraday, why should I be choosing Zerodha?

I have answered this multiple times in the past at various times in our 10-year journey. While we have diversified our offerings, the core of the business is still catering to active traders. Today, the most significant reason to choose us has to be https://zerodha.com/products. Here are some more:

  • An active trader primarily looks at the speed of execution and uptime of the trading platform. Kite is by far the fastest trading platform in terms of order execution speeds. While you might have heard on social media that we have constant downtime, we have measured this against our competition. Our uptime is much higher than the top 10 brokerage firms in India. The reason you’ve heard more of us being down is that we are a huge portion of overall retail broking business in India, even a small issue gets blown out of proportion.

  • We offer intraday leverages until 3.25 pm, by far the most by any brokerage firm. Markets move the most in the first 30 and last 30 mins. By offering intraday products (MIS and CO) till 3.25 PM. We allow trades for the longest time span for an active trader to trade using intraday products.

  • We offer both Chart IQ and TradingView charting. Chart IQ now has custom indicators built by us like CPR, Candlestick Patterns, and we will be adding more. We now also offer trading from the chart and plotting all trades on the chart, which is beneficial for an active trader.

  • Know the margin required to place order on the order form itself. This isn’t a simple margin calculator, this considers all open orders and positions to display the margin required.

  • We charge 0.03% or Rs 20 per executed order, whichever is lower. While there are other brokerage firms which offer similar pricing of Rs 20, the minimum brokerage is higher with most of them — between 0.05% to 2.5%. We also don’t have any minimum contract note charges.

  • 20 market depth or level 3 data helps better figure out where the potential supply or demand could be. We are the only brokers in India to offer this feature.

  • Our tax P&L statement is comprehensive and has everything and more which your CA would otherwise charge you for.

Hopefully, this helps, :slight_smile:


SImple, they are proactive, good at ticket resolution, Nithin - CEO is always reachable ( Mind you no other broker is even available to you - forget about there ceos), trustworthy and simplicity in using it. I have tried other brokers but zerodha stands way ahead of everyone else in many aspects.

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well Zerodha charges way less than others !!!
i came from kotak sec.

Before using zerodha you should know every pros & cons of zerodha.
I trade in zerodha kite platform and I can say its lovely, simple, traders friendly. Overall i can say superb work done by zerodha IT team.

But you should know about hidden deduction on delivery. Yes delivery is not free.
Brokerage on delivery is zero. But don’t forget other deduction plus hidden deduction of 15.83 rs per script i.e. something called ledger deduction.

This are not hidden charges, this are DP Charges charged whenever you sell shares from your Demat account, these are levied by Depository and this are charged by every broker. You can read more here.

If you’re an option seller then you might find issues to hedge as zerodha gives very narro range of strikes to be bought to hedge/reduce margin requirements, other than that in all aspects i’d say you should move to zerodha coz of it’s reliability and smoothness. charges etc are already low as it’s discount brokerage.

@nithin can you please solve issue of kite application on mobile app, i am not able to see CPR indicator on my mobile app, but i can see it from my desktop site.
Please update this feature in mobile application

We’re working on making CPR Indicator along with others that are currently available only on Kite web, available on Kite app. Will keep you posted :slightly_smiling_face:

@ShubhS9 But when boss???
Still you are working on it last year you told us that you will shortout this issue, still not able to

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You can just use trading view (directly not from kite) and use their public library for CPR or just create one using pine script.

Free APIs would be nice too… :pray: Rs.4000 per month is a steep entry barrier for most of the retail.