I am beginner...

I’m new to stock market…i want to learn tha basics from the beginning… please suggest some ways to improve my trading knowledge…where I get useful things… please suggest some useful websites,apps, YouTube channels,books…and thank u so much in advance

This is where u can start ur trading journey… Best luck :slight_smile:

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Well I have few suggestions for you.

Zerodha Varsity
FinnovationZ Youtube

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In spite of you having a DP of some actress, the response to your query is not very enthusiastic. Wht could be the reason? Traders fatigue?

its my wish…

zerodha varsity is best n easiest of all.

try with your original photo. who knows people may feel pity and help :rofl:. (purely for a joke. applogies if u take it otherwise)

What’s with the dp? Is it to attract or are you really a girl?:slight_smile: