I am interested in knowing the maximum open interest set by the exchange for Relcapital which is in Ban Period

Shall be thankful if you could let me know the following:

  1. The maximum number of open positions allowed for Relcapital for ban-free trading
  2. What is the 80% limit (in terms of OI or any other parameter) below which the ban will be limited).
  3. Also want to know if it is in terms of OI does this % vary for each contract which goes into ban.

This information will be helpful to me for monitoring the position real time and prepare myself for trading when it approaches the thresh-hold limit for lifting.

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Any scrip trading in F&O segment will have a limit set & not just Reliance capital.

  1. The maximum number of open positions allowed for RELCAPITAL Market wide open position limit is 22,402,692.

  2. Once the open position goes below 80% of the mentioned number trading will resume (new positions can be taken), till then only position holders can trade (square off the positions).

  3. Yes, it is in terms of Open Interest. No % doesn’t vary for each scrip its fixed @ 95% of Market wide position limit.