I am new to share market want to do nifty

Hi all, I am new to share market and want to do decent profits in nifty 50 on CALL or PUT.
Please suggest me how to start trading.
Doing from last 4 months and lost lot of money by listening to broker


Request you to firstly go through this.

Hi bro.
Without knowledge no body can b successful in sharemarket. If u r treating share market as gambling it’s sure ur account would b blown up.
Knowledge, a profitable strategy, discipline, patience and money management is required to b a successful trader.
U know 80 percent of traders quit trading in first 3 years.
First try to acquire knowledge. Zerodha varsity is a good place for that. It is free too.

It is like pursuing CA at the cost of MBA,it may take few years to many years

Bro, any new entrant in share market trades in Equity segment for minimum 1year. After that 2years in Futures. Then from 3rd year onwards, starts trading in Options. You r gng in the Reverse Order! The series 3…2…1 leads to Zero. Take care!

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