I am new to trading? Can you summarize quickly advantages of using Amibroker, metastock etc to a layman?

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Other than the fact that they all have advanced charting, the real use is the abililty to backtest and go live on multiple strategies at the same time. But to be able to code strategies, you will need programming background.

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There are no advantages! These systems were formulated by human brain itself. Try learning the real trading which requires you to be at-par with Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.

Do you know? Warren Buffett doesn’t use a computer to trade and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala uses a 6-monitor setup but doesn’t use all these except using a native charting platform eSignal. And the rest of the monitor, he keeps a view on his portfolio, market watch and some scrips opened in charting mode.

Just on a side note, when deciding which software to buy, keep in mind the data cost as well.