I am not able to find NIFTY symbol in PI? Is it because I have only trading account and not a demat?

In PI I am not able to find NIFTY symbol to see chart. Is it because I only have a trading account?

hello Shrish,

For watching quotes u do not need to require demat a/c.

I think you are not Familiar with Pi so do one thing & go @ youtube and see videos on pi software so u will know how to use pi.

All the best.

To be able to add any spot index/stock on your marketwatch you will need to have a demat mapped to your trading account. Since you don’t, I am guessing you are not able to add on the marketwatch and hence not able to open the chart.

DEMAT is only for safe keeping your shares, you do not need DEMAT for viewing charts. Are you trying to see Futures chart or spot?

Hi Karthik,
I am trying to see NIFTY spot chart/symbol. In my Market Watch, I get only NFO and CDS option. No NSE there to choose NIFTY.

Hi Dipesh,
Yes not familiar with PI, just started using it… I checked the online video. It says to add NIFTY index symbol to Market Watch, choose 'NSE in the first drop down. But I only see 2 options NFO and CDS…
Not sure what the issue is.

@Dipesh he clearly said he was not able to find that symbol in PI. You aware that if there is no demat mapped then he cant link spot index. Then why did you use the word “not Familiar with Pi” and ask him to see youtube videos. Even in the question itself he mentioned clearly…