I am very new to stock market background is engineering so how to start

hello, friends, I am very new to this market and I am a Mechanical Engg. so have minimum knowledge about shear and finance market so kindly tell me how and where to start

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Check out “Is there a mobile app for Zerodha Varsity?”

Hi, although there are hundreds of ways you can go about it, but you may try this approach and see :

  1. Finish Varsity material in its entirety (Both text and videos).

  2. Go through all these concepts once or twice at your own pace. (say 2-3 a day). The ones you find interesting you can go deep into them using other resources of your choice (Books, videos, other websites etc).

  3. While you’re learning, in the meantime also start taking very small trades (1-5 shares) in bluechip companies. This will help you understand order types, and how to actually execute orders. Plus gain confidence trading small. You shouldn’t care about what money you’re making or losing while doing this exercise.

  4. Ask around specific questions about concepts you aren’t understanding or find hard to grasp in trading communities such as this. For this to be fully effective, do research a bit on your own as well before asking, to build that research muscle.

So long as you do all of these, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be up and running with trading and investing in say 60 days or so. :slight_smile: :+1:


What is your aim?

  1. To beat FD returns?
  2. To double your money in 2 to 3 years after paying tax and brokerage to Zerodha ?
  3. To make lot of money, get rich and buy TESLA in say 10 to 20 years ?
  4. To buy a TESLA ASAP from the stock market returns ?

also initially limit yourself to respectable platforms such as this one and do not listen to many people at least at the start. once you are done with varsity then you might ponder otherwise, this way you’ll save time

Before you start on this path.

Read this book → Trading and Exchanges: Market Microstructure for Practitioners By Larry harris.

Then come here and tell me what you decide.

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Also, as you are new to the markets, do not fall in the trap of “advices” like many do in their early stages. Have your concepts cleared, research and then pick. Get in small, and try to learn from the practices that you do.

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We are all Engineers here and we can do anything ,

On serious note read varsity

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