I bought 1 lot of Nifty 8100 Nov calls @100 and Nifty closing Price on expiry day was 8050. How much profit did I make?

I didn’t sell my calls, so what would have happened to them? Did it auto sell even though I didn’t sell? How much brokerage and taxes would I have paid on this sell trade?

Nifty 8100 calls will have value on expiry, only if Nifty price is above 8100. IF it is 8110, the value would be 10 (8110-8100), and so on.

Since it closed at 8050, No profits made. Entire 7500 (75x100) paid to buy this option is a loss.

These would have expired worthless or at 0. A counter trade in options take place on expiry only if the options have any value.

Since they were worthless, no counter trade on contract note, and hence no charges.