I bought 50 shares of some bank with CNC but it is sold without my knowledge



I bought 50 shares with CNC option. I wanted to keep the shares for longer duration. Next day I received a daily margin statement and I was shocked to see that shares are sold. Why it has gone into holdings even after buying with CNC option?

When I checked in Zerodha Kite, I do not see the entry of the purchased share and in the funds section I could see the 50 shares money with 100Rs less.

Please help me understand. I am new to trading


There could be different reason why the shares being sold, you better raise a ticket by clicking this link,


what’s your experience of trading… when you have started trading?


When you buy a share using CNC it means Cash and Carry. The stocks go to your demat account and it is reflected in holdings section. You will also be able to see the profit or loss there. Therefore, there is nothing to worry.