I bought rcom jun 50ce on 23/06/2016 @ Rs. 2, Now it is Rs. 0. 4 now it is banned. If i sell i loose money wht to do

Hi ,

Even if the company was banned in F& O still you can able to off load existing positions…but no one will allowed to take new positions until the open interest reduced to specified limit.

In your case i assume you want to take new position to reduce your average cost…Then you have to wait until the open interest to reduce to the specified limit…

i think it is too late for square off, please exit from F&O of Rcom.

Hi , Thanks for the reply.
Is there any chance for roll over in options. rcom is banned on 29/06/2016 also. What is the best solution for this problem.

Unfortunately we don’t have any option to rollover the current month option to the next month… you have to square off the current position and have to enter into next month contract…