I can't see Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) in Zerodha Coin

2020-21 Series III - I can’t see Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) in Zerodha Coin.

You will be able to see them on Kite.

Can’t see in Kite as well!?

Yesterday was allotment date, listing will be on later date.

How can I know, I got the allotment?

Also, does the interest get credited to my Zerodha account or bank account?

You will get mail/sms from CDSL when SGB’s are credited to your account.

Credited to Bank account.

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The SGB pays interest 2 times per year, right?
So, For 2020-21 Series III SGB - will I get interest on December 2020?

Also, if I want to buy the 2020-21 Series I SGB & 2020-21 Series II SGB - in what name they are listed in NSE?

Interest is paid semi-annually, so for SGB issued in June first payment will be made in December.

For SGB issued in April, you can search SGBAPR28 and for SGB issued in May, SGBMAY28.

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I can see SGBMAR28 listed in the market - But the 2020-21 series 1 starts only in April month. Is SGBMAR28 from last year?

SGBMAR28 is from 2019-20 series.

Where to see the listing date for SGB? In CDSL it showed as listed, Does both are same ?