I don't see a separate login and password option for q.zerodha.com anymore?

When I am trying to login to Q.zerodha.com to check my ledger and P&L, I used to see a separate login ID and pwd option on Q. But it isn’t anymore. What should I do?

If login is only through Kite, what should my friend who trades on NOW do?

Yes we have done this as part of our effort to unify all login and passwords in our ecosystem. So the same trading ID and password that you use to login to Kite (also Pi or NEST) can be used to login to Q going forward. To access Q, you can as usual open it from within Kite also.

If your friend is still in the 0.1% of our clients who hasn’t moved out from the NOW trading platform, we have created a Kite user ID and password and send it to registered email address. If he is on NOW, the Kite user ID and password will only allow you to access Q.zerodha.com. If he wants to access Kite, Coin, Smallcase, etc, you will need to migrate from NOW to Kite for trading by sending a request to [email protected].

If he hasn’t received the password email, he can click on login with Kite and click forgot password.