I had a buy position in Tata Chemicals at Rs 781.95 with a SL of Rs.8, but my SL was executed at Rs.715.50, how is this possible?

I had bought 600 shares of Tata Chemicals at Rs 781.95 with a SL of 8 and target of 35. My SL was hit and ideally it should have executed around Rs.773.95 but It was executed at Rs.715.50, how is this possible?

Looks like someone had erroneously placed an order yesterday in the scrip. There was a sudden downward spike in the stock where the price of the stock fell by about 10% and bounced back to Rs.770 levels. Since the stop loss in a bracket order is a market order, it was executed at wherever the next available price was, which was 715.50 in your case. Here’s a chart which shows the OHLC of May 14th

Seems a fat finger trade, it fell 10% in one minute and recovered the same in the same minute.

Sorry to hear this friend.

But we have to learn something from this. I too use SL-M orders after reading this I am feeling a bit scared. I did not face this much slippage in my experience. This is definately a experience which teaches us a lesson.

From tommorow I use SL orders with 1 % price gap. I hope It may help me to avoid like this type of situation in future.

Yes SL-M is total bull$hit, i also stopped using it

Its like feeding the operators extra donation


Oh, that is a huge loss. Looking at this transaction, I guess it is best to use MIS orders with a mental stoploss.

Loss of Rs.39,870/-
It’s huge loss and I really feel sorry for your Loss.

The rate was disclosed. There are two things happening simultaneously in the market: price discovery [ market makers efforts]; 2. price disclosure [ revealing our willingness to lose]. That is how the market functions.