I hate you zerodha

Seriously hate you guys for passing on such a pain in the ass chart iq update that is totally useless on touch devices and finally forcing me to quit zerodha

You guys have no clue on what should work and how it’s supppsed to work

@nithin @siva

tradingview chart is not ok for you?

What is the real challenge? May be it can be resolved. Is it only the touch is not working?
I use Trading view, and it works splendid for me.

Anytime I draw something , a trend line , horizontal line , fibs etc and when I want to just move around the chart , touching the screen selects them and constantly have to touch elsewhere to unselect whatever drawing that automatically unintentionally got selected , how frustrating it is

I cannot pile several fibs on top of each other , I have a level marked by a horizontal line , now can’t use the same point to draw a TL , because there’s already a drawing on that point or level on the chart

Worst and dumbest charting update I’ve seen in 10 years of the markets

I don’t like tv , was very used to the old chart iq and it worked flawlessly for me to analyse price action , draw stuff and not keep getting pestered

Why has this pathetic dumb update been forced upon us , when it was retracted a few weeks ago due to negative user feedback and literally nothing changed to make a different on touch devices , even on a PC. It’s horrible

@nithin @siva
Every candle counts, when it comes to traders. We rely on the charts to build our beliefs.

Please request your Dev/ Testing team to use at least pilot testing on subgroup of customers, before launching the modifications to all customers. I would even suggest your dev or testing team to trade with their money, before releasing such updates. If they don’t get frustrated, then release the update, else keep it with themselves. I tell so to my motor engineers, in my company…

Please look into this frustrating feedback on the charts. We have all become used to good and the elegant from Zerodha.

What point you are talking here about?

Charting is not inhouse, we just use chartiq.

We have asked chartiq to restore the drawings the old way, so this will take sometime. For the same reason we have not released on app yet. We recommend to use TV on touch based screens or use pc for time being.

He would be using mobile app if he is using a phone or tablet … and mobile application still has the old version of Chart IQ.

So, I guess, he is using a touchscreen laptop. May be you can check if using a mouse is different than interacting with touchscreen.

I’m using an iPad and using kite on safari web version as the app version doesn’t display correctly

From a customer standpoint , nobody knows if you built it or outsourced it , if the user is going to be frustrated , it’s going to come back on zerodha

I’d suggest please involve a few in the beta program before mass rolling out updates

I trade with 0 indicators , drawing tools are everything for me , take that away , I’m cluleless

I believe Kite is available on appstore. Does not work for you?

It has some weird display issues , since a long time

Even after updates , I was too busy to report it , so I instead use kite on safari

But this new update is even messed up on PC for the reasons I wrote above , poorly designed

What it does not display correctly?

Dear @siva

I made a recording of what’s wrong with kite app on iOS since atleast the past 1 year since I can remember , how is this even usable ?

Clicking on the script does not open the chart , swiping in mid air brings up the menu , finally when chart is open , the bottom Space is blocked , unusable and can’t use the whole screen

It’s been like this for more than a year

You can see how the screen darkens when I click on the script , but the chart won’t open

You mean on ipad?

Yes ipad