I have a doubt regarding how Futures work

I am currently doing Paper Trading on Tradingview, I don’t know much about futures but I just wanted to ask that I have bought 27 futures of Infosys @ 1680 which is ₹45360 and currently its price is 1695.05 Rs.

And its showing that I have a profit of $1574 U.S.D
so is this how futures normally work or is my net investment actually more than 45360 rs.??

1 lot (300qty) of Infy futures would require around 1L ₹ margin. Not sure what you mean by “27 futures of Infy”.

Do you mean you purchased 27 qty of Infy shares on PaperTrading - TradingView?

I would suggest you to watch videos on basics of Futures before doing any trading in that segment. You seem to be new in the market.

Futures are extremely risky. Gaps opening against you Overnight Futures trade can potentially wipe out your capital completely…