I have a doubt with SnapQuote


I have a doubt. What does the SnapQuote mean? Here I can see the best Buy price list and Best sell price list.

Here best buy price is from 40.15 to 40.35. Best sell price is from 44.40 to 44.60. My doubt is that, can I place a buy order for this share for Rs 40.15 and immediately a sell order for Rs 40.60?

Suppose I'm buying 12000 shares for Rs 40.15( 12000*40.15=481800) at 9.45 AM. Immediately can I sell this share at 9.46 AM for Rs 40.60? If yes I can make a profit of (487200-481800=Rs 5400) Rs 5400.
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Please let me know whether its possible or not.

First thing first. You can only buy a share if someone is selling it. You. Need an opposite party to complete your transaction. Exchange s don’t buy or sell shares, they only give platform. Snapquote show you the information about the price and quantity of a share which someone wants to buy or sell. Again, if someone want to buy or sell a stock on certain price doesn’t mean he will be able to do so. He can only do that, if opposite party is willing to sell at that cost. So yes ,you can make profit in theory. But try it in practice with real share s and see if you can do so. Make sure you try it with small quantity.

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As per the situation above, Best buy price is from 40.15 to 40.35. Best sell price is from 40.40 to 40.60 (assuming you had made a typo error!),

When you place a buy order for 12,000 qty @ Rs. 40.15, your order will be sent to exchange and will be lined after all the previous orders @ Rs. 40.15

So, for your order to get executed, the sellers should compromise a bit and sell at lower prices than the best sell price (i.e. Rs. 40.40) and sell at the price at which buyers are available... Rs. 40.35 ... 40.30 ... and ... so on ... Rs. 40.15

Thus, once all the best buy orders placed before your order (in terms of price and time sequence) are satisfied, your order will be taken for execution and completed once someone (or multiple sellers) sell a qty. of 12,000 @ Rs. 40.15

This complete process for buy order to get fulfilled will take time depending on the volatility of stock you have chosen for trade and the sentiments of traders for that particular stock at that period of time!!

Similarly, when you place a sell order @ Rs. 40.60, first all the sell orders better than your sell order should get executed for your order to be considered for execution!

Hope this helps... :-)

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