I have bought a 100 shares of shaktipump on friday, Can i sell the same stock on tuesday to exit the position

When i see the now terminal the stock is showing as t1 quantity. So i have a doubt if can i seel or when can i.

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Hi Mohan, the shares will hit your DEMAT by end of Tuesday. So I guess you can safely sell it on Wednesday morning. 

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The stock is listed in EQ segment. You can sell on Monday under BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow).

Read this http://zerodha.com/z-connect/queries/stock-and-fo-queries/btstatst-buyacquire-today-sell-tomorrow

You can even sell on Tuesday.

Wednesday is safer as like Karthik said, since there is zero risk of auction penalty on Wednesday.

Monday and Tuesday poses that threat, but its a very rare chance…