I have some query. Can I put a bid in advance( in CO/BO) to buy/sell for any counter

For example, cairn cmp is 314 and I want to buy cairn at 315.15, can I put order in advance at 315.15 when rate is 314. OR VISE VERSA.

If you are talking about Cover order/bracket orders offered on the NEST trading platform, you can’t enter using a trigger like what you are asking for.

You cannot bid in advance, since all Cover Orders and Bracket orders are Market orders. Your entire quantity will be executed once you press the Submit button of the cover order.

Edit: Cover Order is a market order while Bracket order is a limit order during entry into the trade. Still entry through Stop Loss trigger is not possible in Bracket Order
You have to buy a stock at current market price every time. Yes, you are correct.

You can do that advance bidding in MIS orders, but leverage is almost half or less than cover orders. If you have sufficient money in your trading account, then go ahead with MIS orders.

Any other trading platform available for it.

It means I have to buy a stock at current market price every time?

correction, bracket order can be limit orders also if below the current trading price. right ?

Yeah corrected it, Thanks for pointing out.