I have the knowledge but no capital to trade


don’t do paper trading its waste of time use minimal funds to trade


Yup…thanks for the suggestion…will start after 1-2 months


Huh, Then what does one need to succeed ?


i was actually profitable in F&O segment in 2018-19 before i stopped trading due to losses in intraday. Posting the screenshot here.

Only mistake i had done was over trading due to which the charges were 36.83 k where as the gross profit was 37.47 K.



A combination of skill + dedication + hard work + brains + luck.


You may reg’d in ALBM system to get stocks by barrow and short in cash market.
Even you may lend your holdings in it.


can u elaborate a little on how and where to register please. Does zerodha offer this facility?


You are so wrong… big Hedge funds And Trading firms hire Therapist and psychologist full time for their traders. You also need other things but psychology is very important.

A trader know the importance of having right psychology for trading and keep calm… Either you are not trader or just want to mislead people.


you are watching TV shows too much. i suggest you cut down on it.

Real life and TV shows are different.

May be you should check yourself before calling others wrong.

so you must be some enlightened guru trader i have never heard about.

Well now you are the one misleading people.

Now if you want to pick a fight, i suggest you send me a PM and we can continue on from there.

lets not disturb the thread and peace here.


I don’t want to pick a fight here And I don’t want to PM you. Have a good luck!


i am not so sure whether you really trade :smile:

trading discipline go for a toss for many traders when they are in loss …
mean when traders are in loss , they end up doing things which they wont normally do like averaging , not closing their position hoping for the reversal etc …


if i am not wrong , we had an argument about “standard deviation” or similar thing in some earlier thread , where you are simply throwing some jargons which yourself were not aware off…


Yup…you are 100% correct.our emotions overshadows our knowledge and senses when we are in loss.

Those who can overcome these emotions and stick to the plan will be a definite winner oneday.


One problem with option buyers is they do satta trading only. Bank Nifty especially is the biggest satta out there, most people trading it dont have any market view, they just are gambling in the market.

I am not sure if you lost in Bank Nifty, but if you lost majority of your money in it, then the reason is simple. And the remedy is also somewhat simple.

We option buyers lack discipline, even I lack hell lot of discipline. There are lot of good trades in the market, but doing the satta trades demotivates trader so much, they miss out or dont have courage to take the good trades.


Hi bro…to be frank till date i have not traded in bank nifty even once…i lost money in options only in the intial days that too in buying options.

Buying options lures the retail traders like me and you because of small margin required to trade. If u want to be winner in buying options u have to be right not only in direction of stock but also in time,volatility etc which is almost impossible hence we loose.

If u want to trade options u have to use stratgies like spread,strangle etc but not naked buying of calls n puts.we will be feeding the option writers with easy money in 95 cases out of 100. But the problem in writing the options or using the strategies is again the capital required.U need atleast 4-5 lakhs as capital for option writing/deploying strategies.


Can trade with Rs.15000 or Rs.25000
Trade with 1 LOT and start compounding, one
Can trade in NIFTY, banknifty only.


To write USDINR options , less capital is required , you can play many strategies .


@REVANTH check the website


dear sorry to say , you don’t need much capital to be profitable if you know how to trade. almost all segment behave like same in trading cash, future, option(little different only) .

first you learn how to trade , your performance (even with paper trade) will tell your result, if you have every week in positive than your are good for swing trading, if you have your every day or every two in positive than you are a good intraday trader. so first judge yourself than you will know there is no need of much capital in the Era of Leverage

paper trade & real trade both are same only things change in physiological behavior but if your trading plan is sound than not a problem.

tiny advice :- if you are experimenting with technical analysis than don’t use indicator based on price , price is last visual reference of market so its lag , you are seeing the history not future


Thanks for the advise. Do u mean to say even 1 lakh is sufficient for swing trading of futures?