I need a mentor, can someone help out

i am a new trader and have learnt about price action but discipline i lack so i need someone to help me out so that i can discipline myself. i just wanna share my trades and p/l . There is no one in my family so i need a fellow traders help, thanks.

bro everyone is alone in this journey of trading… we ourselves are our teachers and we ourselves are students… descipline is something which nobody can teach you, you yourself will have to learn from your mistakes and stop making those mistakes again… learning from our mistakes and not repeating them again and sticking to our rules makes us disciplined, not showing our trades and p/l to other persons.


Sure I know that bro but I personally as a person need someone watching else i go crazy, i know that it’s a bad quality but maybe someday i will have control

Can DM if you want your trades to be looked at

You can feel free to contact

Hi, i am a small trader in the market since 2017
. I was also facing problem like u.

After 3 years of up /downs I am consistent now.

U can contact me on telegram. My username is TTWizard

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We all need to help out each other … after Market sometimes we feel that we should discuss with someone


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Can you please send me telegram I’d so we discuss . other thing

Type VPfinancials in Youtube. Go through his videos. Marvel at some of his SL placements and learn about patience and Discipline! And after that write your own story!

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ok i will check him out

Yup,VP financials is too good in intraday. He only trades on banknifty