I opened an account online using Aadhar and I bought a few stocks, but I am not able to see them in my holdings?

I opened the account using Aadhar e-sign, but I am not able to see the stocks i bought in my holdings. Can somebody help me out?

Hi Suresh,

This is because you would not have couriered us a signed copy of your demat POA.

When you open an account online and esign using AADHAR, a couple of documents can’t be digitally signed. These documents have to be physically signed and couriered to us.

  1. Demat POA - this is required to sell shares from your demat. Without Demat POA, you will not be able to see your equity and MF holdings in your demat. You can login to your online account dashboard which you had created while signing to download this demat POA. So make sure to sign and send this to our office.
    You will be able to trade F&O and intraday equity normally. Only stocks bought won’t be visible and you will not be able to sell them until we receive the POA.

  2. ECN letter - this is required for enabling commodity trading. Again, you will have to visit the account opening dashboard, download, print and send it to us. Until we receive this letter, no trading can be allowed.

To know more about demat POA and why it is required check this.


Will one be able to see the shares once POA is sent, does not sending the POA invalidate our transactions ?

Yes, you will be able to see your holdings once you send us your POA. No transactions will be invalidated, without sending your POA you won’t be able to sell shares from your demat that’s the key point to remember.

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How much time will it take to show up my holding in my account after my ECN & POA has been received by you?
I have received an e-mail stating Zerodha has received my POA Declaration and ECN Declaration on 29 oct.

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