I opened an account online using Aadhar and I bought some stocks 2 days back, I don't see them on Kite, why and what do I do now?

I have opened my account online using AADHAR, I bought some stocks 2 days back, I don’t see them on Kite. Why? What do I do now?

Demat POA which is required to debit shares when you sell stocks can’t be e-signed using AADHAR due to IT Act of 2000. Hence the Demat POA form has to be printed, signed and couriered back to us.

But note that once you e-sign, buying of stocks is enabled on your trading and demat. Since we cannot allow you to sell without Demat POA, these stocks bought aren’t updated on the trading platform. You can see them in your CDSL demat account by logging into cdslindia.com. You might have received an SMS when the stocks were credited to your demat account from CDSL.

To be able to sell these shares or even see them on the trading platform, you will have to courier us the signed POA. You can download the POA here.

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