I placed a stop loss order which got executed, but I don't see my stop loss price on any charts be it on NEST, NSE, Amibroker or any other chart?

I was long Banknifty at 14900 and had placed a stoploss at14812. The stop loss got executed, but when I look at the chart be it on NEST, NSE, Yahoo or anywhere else, I don’t see that price of 14812. How is this possible? Is it a problem with the platform?


This is probably one of the most asked queries to brokerages, I placed a limit/SL order which got executed, but I don't see that price on any charts be it on my trading platform(NEST or any other), NSE website, Yahoo, amibroker, or anywhere else. So is there a problem with the trading platform? 

First thing to remember is that in India all trades are executed on the exchange, there are no dark pools like in some of the developed markets. So if there is an order you placed which got executed, you can cross check the same with the exchange end of the day and you will see your executed trades. 

So why don't you see your price on the chart? 

Something for you to know: 

Tick Data: Market data that shows price and volume at every print, it also includes information about every change to the best bid and ask. 

In a single trading day, there are millions of such ticks recorded (remember this also includes change in best bid and ask prices) and it is technically not possible for any trading platform to show all ticks, especially live and on a normal broadband internet connection. 

If you really want to see all the ticks, NSE does have Tick by Tick data feed which is a lot more expensive than the normal data feed, and will have to be subscribed to througn any of the authorized NSE data vendors (Not all of them give you tick by tick data). Also to be able to make best use of this tick by tick data, you should ideally be on the NSE collocation which would mean that your systems are inside NSE itself, so that accepting all the millions of ticks will be quite efficient. 

Tick by Tick data is usually what professional High Frequency and Arbitrage trading firms use, don't think there is anything much a normal retail trader can do with it. 

Coming back to the question,

All trading and charting platforms will display only 1 tick per second on a chart, whereas there could actually have been hundreds of ticks in that 1 second. Since you are seeing only 1 tick on the chart, it is quite possible that you don't see your SL or limit price that got executed on the chart (be it on NSE, yahoo, NEST, or anywhere else). 

But as I said earlier, if  a trade is executed you can be rest assured that the price was printed and it can be reconfirmed  on the NSE Trade verification module within 5 days from when it was executed and you could also see the day's range on the daily Bhavcopy and you will see your SL/Limit price within this range. 

Hope this helps,


Hi I had a similair issue today. Mr Nagaraju sent me an email with a link to help with the issue. This link  http://www.nseindia.com/tv,no longer works. Any other way to cross-check?

Same thing happened many times on SBIN. What i’m surprised to see that even on the most liquid stock on NSE, i get slippage, get random stop runs at prices which is not even present on the chart. Generally when a stop entry order is placed below a candle its expected that the market runs through the stop, filling the trader in. No one expects to be in a trap where the price didn’t even reached the Stop Entry and still the fill was done. And moreover there is no clear solution to this, other than a very inconvenient and very expensive approach which most of the retail traders can’t afford.

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Thank you… the information is very clear and helpfull.

Not possible technologically today, but hopefully sometime in the future.

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What is the lowest time frame in a chart possible?

1min for now

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NITHIN today same thing happened i placed a sell order on bank of india and then buy stop order almost 3 rs away and within 10 seconds it got executed and i made a loss … that value was nowhere on the chart … i called zerodha for support and they told me that it was a value in vwap but not on the chart ok… now in this new nest trader i could not find the vwap statistics which was there in the last version under the market section …
how should i check for the vwap price within a given time frame like between 10;30 and 11 am today…

it was a cover order … first i shorted and then buy stop to cover …

It might not even be on the vwap(same reason as explained above), but you can confirm the same trade on the trade verification module of NSE : http://www.nseindia.com/tv, all executed trades can be confirmed here.

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Have u tried without the comma at the end?

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I just had an issue today where my normal stop loss got triggered and hit and price was nowhere to be seen on the chart. I am guessing the only way around this is to keep a price alert .1 or .2% away from your preferred entry price, which would be 5 or 10 points on the Nifty for example, and only enter stop loss when the price alert is hit.
Retail traders are already handicapped, its better to put in some extra effort to overcome this handicap.

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@nithin i sold 4 lot of crudeoil mini aug on 3147 thinking of it will go down. i had trigger on 3170 but, when it reaches to 3163 it got squired off automatically. the peak is 3166. how come?


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I have answered above. The peak that you see on the chart may not have captured all ticks.

@lakhanpahuja, it won’t be with only us. How charts are formed are exactly the same with all brokers.

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hi you have explained it about Equity not on commodity. i tried calling your customer care but they have not given me a satisfactory answers. well in this case. please suggest shall i close my account with zerodha?

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so you are saying that all eod data we see is wrong data (in this case of crude oil that 3166 is high that eod data will show but it high was 3170) that mean all eod data are wrong except open,close

@Nitin/ Zerodha Team:
I am not fully agree with your statements but have a one Question and observation that I used two Broker Accounts and Placed buy order from Zerodha and SL maintained e.g 95.2 but chart showing 95.6 line for todays Idea cellular case and from another Brokers account I placed two sell order and Target Was set 95.3 & 95.5 respectively but why first order was not hit on 95.3 from another broker account?

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Hey @ZC1900 You can Verify your Trades at National Stock exchange.