I sold an out of the money option using NRML. I want to hold position till expiry. Do i need to square up my position on expiry or i can let it expiry on its own? Pls explain precisely

Being a seller of option you can do as you wish based on your profit and loss targets, as higher STT as a penalty will be charged only to buyer if he/she let in the money(ITM) options settled by exchange on expiry day.

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for the 24th june stocks expiry ; do u allow to trade in options NRML until what date ?

Hi Siva,

So can a option seller save the brokerage of 20rs/order (considering I have 10 orders so 10*20=200rs of brokerage saved ) in case he doesn’t square up the position and let it expire worthless which is OTM?


Yes, 20 rupees in brokerage per order. Also if you are option seller you can let them expire if they are OTM