I today sold stocks worth 278700,i bought them 6 months earlier,now i want to withdraw the money but back office is showing only 9800 rs which are available earlier,feeing very uneasy ,what happen to my money

Equity holding fund withdrawl

Wait till t+2

Will credit by Tuesday evng … Because delivery settled in t+2 days…

@Rajjigoyal, This post may be useful.
When Can I Withdraw Funds After Selling Shares I Hold in Demat

When you sell shares, the equivalent funds are immediately credited to your account balance. You can use these funds to trade or buy other shares. But these funds will not reflect under withdrawable balance. It will be updated in your withdrawable balance onlt at the end of T+2 day when the buyer of your shares settles the amount and can be withdrawn only from T+3 day onwards.

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