I want to buy a stock only when its price reach above 12.60 not if 12.50

I want to buy a stock only when its price reaches above 12.60 not if 12.50 (not lower than 12.60). How can I do it?

So, the above order won’t buy if the price reaches 12.55, right?

How to add a sell order at 12.7 (with this order itself)?

It just buys for the current price, I just lost my money!!!

I placed at price at 12.6 BUT it just bought at 12

I again tried it with a single share, it bought for 11.85

I lost my money.

yes, limit order.

Bro I’m extremly sorry for not paying close attention. You have to select Buy SL order and enter Trigger price as 12.6 and Limit price as 12.6.

hmm, ok)

I’m trying to buy the share only if it breaks the consolidation mode and a breakout happens.

There are two ways to accomplish this. One is to use a SL (StopLoss) order. Since you want to buy AFTER a breakout happens, set the trigger price one or two ticks higher (12.65 or 12.70), like so:


This will place an order for 12.65 (the Price field) once the market price has reached 12.65 (your Trigger Price). Do note that sometimes when breakouts happen, price gaps up a lot, and you might not necessarily get the price you entered in the Price field. You will have to wait until someone offers the shares at that price again.

If you want to make sure you buy shares as soon as the Trigger Price is reached, you can use a SL-M (StopLoss - Market) order. Once the Trigger Price is hit, you will buy the shares at the “best” market price currently available. This has the downside that this price might be much higher than the trigger price, for example 12.75.


It’s up to you to choose the downsides you can live with. For a low priced stock like IDEA, SL is probably the way to go.