I want to trade only in nifty intraday. And would want to learn more about on the same. Can someone let me know good articles available that would be helpful to me?

Thanks… :slight_smile: Appreciated.

Dear Mr Karthik,

u rightly mentioned “If you are probably starting fresh and completely new to trading, I would suggest you spend more time on some of the simpler trades.”

sum times people gets exited and underestimate/forgot an old saying about market…everyday when market opens there are two type of person enters:one comes with experience and other comes with money & at the end of the day they interchanged their belongings.

I hv a question-How can a person with limited money can profitably do F&O Trading (esp. Nifty F&O) in current scenario (i.e.after hiking in lot size by SEBI) to create a passive cash inflow stream? Plz guide

Pl.feel free to say no/any reply,i understand the professional/other limitations.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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Nifty trading is wonderful idea, but margin must have. For intra u must ve to practice 1st

Never stuff lots of indicators in your intraday charts trade with[ price action trading]you can easily earn

ok that’s good. i got good innfo from your post