I want to use execution algorithms. What should I do?

Hey Zerodha,

I want to execution algorithms. Algorithms just to buy/sell large quantities of shares.

Now that the NSE has placed a 7500 limit on Nifty futures orders, I think it will be very helpful if I can use execution algorithms to automate the buying and selling of my orders.

For example, I want to buy 30,000 shares of a Nifty option trading at 30. Buying 7500 shares 4 times in the market would be time consuming and also not the most efficient way to do it. I want to use algorithms that can do it over a period of 5 minutes or do it as fast as the market let’s it.

What should I do to make use of algorithms for execution purposes only?



You need to go for automated trading. Can be done by Java. COM, XML APIs. Specific to  Zerodha, you can check this link

HI team - Looks like the above link isnt working. Could someone help.