I want to use futures as normal

can anyone tell exactly what are the charges if i carry the shares for one month (before expiration) . Can I make profits on daily basis? i dont want to use mis

The brokerage remains the same Rs 20 on buying and selling. Well, profits aren’t guaranteed!

i am asking that if i buy futures one lot and carry it for next 5 6 days…and then sell off… total tax and charges are dependent upon number of days for which i carry the futures??

You can carry till expiry with no additional cost

Moreover if u want you can rollover too for next series that too with no additional cost. However keep your margin requirement in check.

thank u…please tell me one more thing… profit and loss will reflect in the account on daily basis or on the sellling ? Suppose i bought tomorrow morning 1 lot and got 5000 rs profit, it will be deposited in my account same day or final profit or loss on selling day?

Everything settle on a daily basis. Please make sure you check the margin requirement of your stock. Due to high volatility they might change drastically. That’s why its not advisable to hold futures for too long and people generally close their position before expiry.

There is a daily settlement for F&O carry forward positions. This means that the profit/loss will show as a credit/debit in your ledger as the F&O obligation amount everyday, until your position is closed.
So yes, if you make a Rs.5000 profit on Day 1 of carrying an F&O contract, then this amount will be credited to your account on the same day. Similarly, with losses, the amount will be debited on the same day.

thank u my friend…i already made a huge loss of 1 lack rs in intraday share trading in last 10 days. this loss was just due to i didn’t have the money to convert my position to normal at the time of squareoff…now i think futures might help me in this

i also Stuck in Intraday trades.Having alot of Loss😑

I would have preferred to introspect what went wrong in my trade. Cash or futures is secondary.

What u do mostly…Intraday???F&O??Or others?

Now a days i usually short futures as market is over valued and any sudden correction will be in my favor. Although no one can time the market but buying and holding stocks at these valuations might be risky. ( i will continue to do so till the time i don’t get nifty at pe of 23 or less even if it takes 1 more year)

My trades are also intraday but always NRML and never MIS

I stay away from BO CO AMO or anything that end with o/0 :joy:

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ao u r saying that u generally trade in cashand carry?

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may i ask ur whatsapp contact Mr Tapovan