I wanted to know if anyone in Zerodha community who totally ignores all the news and information and just looks after only in his trading style and psychology

I want to know from fellow traders who will help on trading psychology. Want to learn from their ideas on ignoring the news and information which distorts the reality in trading. If there is any small community inside Zerodha where psychology is considered important I would like to join in that too…

I believe psychology is an important component but alone is not good enough to be a successful trader. One should have good trading system along with that good risk management and finally psychology and discipline play crucial role in overall evolution of an individual or entity to a successful trader.

Refer this link and wish psychology module will be added soon.

Thank Siva. I will definitely refer the varsity for learning. I have doubt here what do think about the success of a index futures trader who has a good trading system with risk management and psychology… Can he achieve success today by not looking at external information which can lead to bias in our thinking.