I will manually Enter the Trade. Want to use Streak only for Exit, Is it possible?

My knowledge about Stock Market is limited. I have been doing intraday trading in BankNifty & Nifty Options since 2 months using Stock Market Advisory Service where I am manually taking both entry & exit on AngelOne Mobile App. I am happy with the returns I have made in the last 2 months. I have done some research & figured out ATR is one of the best strategy to exit & will do more research in the future to improve the exit strategy. I intend to exit at the closest high price using trailing stoploss. Since options is so volatile that it’s not humanly always possible to quickly change stoploss price. So I want have a bot which can exit using ATR or any other exit strategy which would gave me max profit.

I want to know if Streak can used only for Exit where Entry will be taken manually or is there any other service/tool which can do the above or any improvisation I can make.

It is very easy to create one yourself using Kite API or Angel SmartAPI. I can provide you such a service . The service should be hosted on cloud as your internet connection/electricity connection is patchy.
I don’t think Streak provide the same, will let others comment on that

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Can you please guide me on this ? @arun_T

Hi @sven11

You can definitely use streak to exit your positions and improve your exit strategy.

You can read about implementing various kinds of exit trades on the streak platform by reading this blog .

If you still want to know more about it, @Streak should be able to help you with clarifying your doubts.

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Hi @sven11 ,

Yes, you can create exit conditions based on ATR using Streak currently. But, trailing stop loss is currently being tested and has not been released yet. We would soon announce the release of this feature in a couple of weeks.

You can check if your implementation is possible then.

Thanks for the reply Arun. I have left you a private message. Looking forward to hear from you mate.

Thanks for sharing the link. Just finished reading.

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Thanks for the reply. Will wait until it’s released.

Hello sir, I’m trying to create a simple trading bot based on Parabolic SAR indicator with angelbroking api. With help of some online tutorials, I’m now able stream data from angelbroking websocket api and LTP api but unable to understand how to use this data to calculate indicators.

With angelbroking historical api, I made it till plotting charts and few indicators. Angelbroking forum isn’t helpful except few basic things. Can you please guide me with some exact steps what to do?

Being a beginner in python I’m clueless. I thought of moving to alternatives like automated trading tools, but seen your reply here. Please help.

Thank you.