I would like to trade only f&o is this correct?

If you want to take high risk with low capital then FnO is for you. Trading in equity/cash is safer because there is low risk but high capital is required to make some money.

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Absolutely correct, That too go for only NIfty Options Call Put, Only First Buy, Buy Call or Put and Square OFF, do not sell first. This is less risky than any other intraday trading plan and Trade on Nice Buy Sell Alogo Signals.

1. Problems with Equity Holdings:-    Huge amount required for trading and if that particular stock or sector goes down u have to wait for years to recover your money. You can not make profits if market goes down.

2. Problems with Equity Intraday:-   Some amount is required, but it is stock specific and sector specific. (This type of trading some what OK, buy trade with research and Nice Buy Sell Alogo Signals).

3. Problems with Futures:-  This is the most dangerous, I dont want to try this at all

4. Problems with Stock Options:'- Again it is stock specific and sector specific.

5. Advantages with Index (Nifty, Bank Nifty) Options: - Less amount required, Can keep for 1 month, and can get profit, if market moves either way. BUT NEVER SELL CALL or PUT FIRST (Losses will be very high if sell first).

6. The best Option is NIFTY OR BANK NIFTY CALL PUTS ONLY BUY (That too ATM or near to ATM, which are liquid). (That too prepare an ALGO Buy sell signal AFL for this or subscribe).

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If you want to trade in F&O that’s not a problem. Futures is risky and requirement of capital is a bit higher. But before you step in the derivative segment I would request you to 1st develop a clear concept of the Derivative segment. Do some through study. The important part is F&O needs lots of skill in trading and strategy developing and implementation. So its better you do some trade on paper and not apply in the real market. Then you make a step forward. For any queries feel free to contact me.

thank you for ur ans friend…

i read somewhere that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala started with options because he had very little capital and it was the only way he could play big. a lot of people and experts advise against F&O but my own experience particualrly with options is tat this is the best way for those with little capital.

Which is the algo you have subscribed let me know the full detail. You have not mentioned it in your blog, http://www.niftyoptionscallputeasy.blogspot.in