Ibulhousing future price difference

@nithin @siva
why there is huge price difference in price of spot , near and far future in ibulhousing
spot: 402
sept fut : 382
oct fut: 360

any one expert in future and option please clarify.

This usually happens when traders are highly pessimist about a stock and they believe a stock will fall a lot more in the coming future. There is a lot of bad news coming out about such a company everyday, so futures discount such bad news which will come out over the next few days and weeks. Here investors believe that company is not coming out clean at once. This scenario is different from standalone bad reports or incidents. You can look for Jet Airways and Dhfl stock and futures prices a few months ago. There difference was as high as 15-20%.

thank you…
in case of ibulhousing why it is happening…any idea??

Normally if any ex-dividend is falling in between we can notice future to trade at a discount.This case look like people are pessimistic about this stock as informed by Qinvestor. May be people are expecting more bad news from this counter in coming days.