Ichimoku script

Hi. I like help in coding my Ichimoku Kinko Hyo strategy. This comes with 2 filters to protect immature trade signals.
Strategy: Use only the cloud ‘s crossing of Senkou span A and Senkou span B. The trade will be placed accordingly either Buy on Bullish or Sell on Bearish ,upon the crossing of the future cloud’s crossing. From Bullish to Bearish and vice versa.
The filters 1) Price crosses above Tenkan line for Buy and Price crosses Below Tenkan line for Sell.
2) ADX the position of the +DI and -DI line. 1) +DI line Above the -DI confirms the Price Above Tenkan line and Future Cloud Bullish crosses for a Buy trade. 2)-DI line Below the +DI will confirm the Price Below the Tenkan line and Future Cloud Bearish crosses for a Sell trade.
Note: There is a chance that the action of a New trade or Closing an Existing trade could also trigger a New Opposite trade based on this strategy.

Please specify the Platform you need the coding for.