Ideal capital for trading

One more, am getting calls like advices for trading is that fake r real?

All are fake

Google it what it is

And learn yourself with experience, in this market no one knows which share will give profit and 90% are making losses anyways

So why would you want to learn from 90% loser traders, make your own strategy with your own experiences

@BharatW Nice story :heavy_check_mark:
That means within a few yrs you will be a Millionaire. Great!! In this case you should quit Zerodha and start trading full time.

First of all… You have mentioned your Target as Rs. 2 but what about Stop-loss. You’ve not mentioned it which will be hit at least 40 to 50% of times with best possible TA. Then calculate your profit.

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I have only one question from you after reading your plan.

Have you ever traded live in stock market?



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Taxation on trading futures is not 15% (short term capital gains). it is business income and will be charged as per the slab

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Stop day trading.

Do only cnc.

Ignore such calls.