Ideal source for stock recommendation or trending stocks

What will be your ideal source for getting stock recommendation or way to find trending stocks for for intraday trade?

Nothing is Ideal in This Market.
I would say The Stock Analysis which are provided by the Full service Broker.
They Do all the research & Analysis and They Follow the stocks from many years and keep track of all the information but Their Stock Tips are not free But Yes Their calls are not fake 80% of Times.

Note:- Never take Stocks Tips from Free providers and from those who only runs Stock Tips companies.

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If so paid source then which one you were suggesting

I follow Icici direct reccomondation and it give me good return.

I Would not Suggest any specific Broker.

What you can do is You Short list Some full service Broker and get in Touch with them you can easily find their contact details from their website.

Have conversation with them And tell them your requirement They will suggest you better as per your requirement and after that which suits you Better go with them.

By no means am I an expert, but I have been in the markets for quite some time and I have learnt one thing the hard way, nothing beats your analysis derived from hard work.

If there were free recommendations don’t you think everybody would be following them?

People in the threads have said that broker recommendations work, my counter to that rising tide lifts everything. Only when the tide recedes will you find out who was naked. Simply put, a vast majority of stocks go up in a bull market and it doesn’t take a great genius to make money in one. But the question you should ask is if they can make money in a bear market? The answer is no.

Of course, you can use the recommendations, do your own analysis and place your bet, but following them blindly is a one-way ticket to ruin.

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i don’t follow them blindly but i wanted a starting point or narrow down my search to start my analysis that why am asking…?
for example if i had 20 stocks in my market watch but to select anyone to trade need to take some decisive factors to judge it.
My idea was to find out trending stocks for the day to start trading

You should have mentioned this in the description of your question!

I am not a trader so, I have nothing to share. But yeah, you could ask the other traders in the forum.

You can find this on the gainers/losers list during the markets on a real-time basis. You can also find stocks making different highs/lows over a different period - 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and so on…

You can add these stocks to your watchlist, monitor the trend and make informed trades.

Alternatively, for intraday, you can follow stocks with decent intraday movement like BPCL, Tatasteel etc. And then learn to trade in them using price action and indicators. Discussed here on how you can achieve this.