Ideas on Options Trading & MCX for Stable Income

Am new to trading world , Even though I gain on one day I lose on another day and eventually net Profit or Loss is always Loss.

Can anyone suggest in which scripts can be traded with less margin and more profit with low risk to reward ratio in both options market & Commodity ?
Also is there any strategy available to minimize risk in options & commodity trading ?

Options and commodity, not for beginners. Try Ur strategies in equity for atleast three months with less capital. If Ur profitable then try options and commodities.

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@umabathy As a beginner I would like to learn lot so is there any resources available which will help me improve my strategy and control risk ?

Learn from Zerodha varsity. Everything is there.

Bro try in equity 1st bcz there is no brokerage, I’m enjoying it a lot now. Make ur strategy by 3 to 4 month, follow the rule. In commodity as per my view crude is best nd in equity bank nifty weekly options…

Any risk is always proportional to returns - please understand that - there is no strategy which is low risk and high return. You can try with Selling Overpriced Nifty Options. When the volatility increases the option premiums increase and then cool off to more realistic figures. This is a safer bet if you can identify the mispricing and take advantage of this.

And you don’t have to listen to anyone who says that you can only do it after 3 months or one year after you start trading. Understand the risks is the key, learn to handle the risk. Good Luck!

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Yes I agree with your point

Knowledge comes from hard work, I’m in market from 7 year but never earn . Left market for 3 year but when see some people they re making good return by his knowledge. Thn I started mKing my strategy, I’m not saying this is low risk market, here u ve to find out ur minimum risk high return. If u start learning from the beginning u will ve everything. In equity option why not bank nifty weekly expiry bcz there is lot of book available in varsity, which indeed ultimate as per my view, in commodity vry risky market but u ve alert every time it’s not domestic market. Knowledge is wisdom nd u ve to catch it by varsity.

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Even without trying equity market how do I can understand commodity or options market

Just ur strategy 1st then jump anywhere